DO NOT SEND mp3 files or files that are too loud.             They will simply be deleted with no response.

It is completely absurd to trust any sample you hear on the web.  Many ME's intentionally degrade the original source file to dishonestly demonstrate how awesome their "mastered" version is.

I would rather you hear YOUR music mastered to 

determine if I'm the right fit.

Send me a 16/44.1 or higher WAV or AIFF file with no compression or limiting applied to the master mix down bus.  Make sure it peaks no higher than -6dbs.

Why No Sound Samples ?

Another mixing option is to send me separate stems (groups) of tracks that you mixed to a stereo or mono file (Guitars / Main Vocal / Backing Vocals / Stereo Drums etc...) that I would then polish up and take through my process for a final completed master.
This process is less expensive and the results can be dramatic.  

Stem Mastering

The usual approach I like to take is to talk with an artist about their project before quoting it.  Many factors go into mixing a project properly.  Likewise, many "ME's" typically have templates ready to go per genre and that's what they do with your tracks.  They plug them into these templates do a little tweaking and charge you a low dollar amount that you feel good about.

That's not how you do it the right way.  

Audio Mixing

CD Mastering

Vinyl Mastering

Audio Mixing

Stem Mastering

Mastering for CD and Vinyl

Yes, there are different ways you master for each medium.  CD Mastering allows for a lot more high end to be present in the overall sound as well as for a little more low end.  The overall loudness is another factor that separates the two.

Vinyl mastering has to take into account how the stylus functions within the grooves. Length of each album side and low/high frequency information determines how loud a vinyl record can be as well how detailed the sound is.  RMS levels are also drastically different to ensure a great sounding record.


The work is good.  And behind that promise, I want you to know that I back my work with a satisfaction guarantee. I won't stop working until your music is where you envision it to be. 

My Promise