- Kelly Lee

A fantastic acoustic track.  The vocal performance is stellar.  This one wound up on my iPod.

Client Testimonial:

"Rob, the amount of warmth and depth you brought out was incredible. Thank you for the great work ethic.

It sounds amazing."

Supernal Endgame -

After stem mastering the drum tracks and then performing the overall mastering, I am a HUGE fan of SE. Great prog rock band.   Very highly suggest taking a listen.

Client Testimonial:

"Rob is an honorary member of the band now.  The mastering was incredible.  Thank you brother!"  

Jonathan Walton - 

If you like Americana'esque folk rock, this is your artist.  The songs are so infectious.  Really enjoyed this one.

Client Testimonial:

"Excellent job!  The power, depth and layers are alive!  You are my go to mastering engineer." 

Indie Audio Mastering has been proudly selected as the Mastering House Of Choice by each of these fine sites.

Rob Angelo - Producer, Engineer, Songwriter (A&R , session engineer for Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Joe Walsh, Jeff Lynne and others)

"In the 30 years I have been involved in the music business, I have heard a lot of recordings and masters.

 I have to say that Rob's work is right up there with the best of them.  For first class results at a great indie price, Rob's my guy." 

Jon Weil - Producer & Engineer at Uranus Studios (Owned by Robin Wilson, lead singer of the Gin Blossoms)

​"I think the mastering job you did is superb.  There was no bad pumping and all the peaks were left in tact.  

Overall EQ was great too.  Dang good job!"

Bryan Cole - Nashville recording artist and singer songwriter

"I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top mastering engineers in the music business and I can honestly say

that Rob has a great ear for mastering.  With his experience as a musician and recording engineer he understands each aspect

of the recording process and simply put...your music will sound great.  I highly recommend him."

Other Notable Client Comments:

The Walk -

A newly formed rock band that is made up of some very talented musicians.  Look out for these guys!

Client Testimonial:

"Rob, you nailed the audition.  It sounds killer!"

                                                                 - Kori Mallon

A beautiful collection of acoustic songs that were originally written by her parents.  Kori has an amazing voice and brings these songs to life!

Client Testimonial:

"...very impressed with the work you did.  I am extremely happy and thankful."

                                                               - Jeremy Rodriquez

Jeremy is a very talented axe slinger.  His compositions are very well composed and his phrasing is fantastic.

Client Testimonial:

"Rob totally exceeded my expectations...the guitars were made super clear."

                                                            - Vertical Alignment

Great prog band featuring some heavy duty guest musicians. A must hear for any fan of great progressive


Client Testimonial:

"Rob was an invaluable assistant in the production of "The Trail of Tears Suite". Not only was his mastering work spot on, but he gave valuable advice as we neared the final mixes of our project. Rob was always accessible when we needed his advice. I highly recommend."

                                                                   - Farrell Jackson

This was a very cool project to work on.  Great throw back classic rock with some great vocals.

Client Testimonial:

"These songs were a collection of recordings over a 5 year span.  You made them all seem like they are from the same musical family.  I am very pleased with the exceptional work."

                                                                - Robert Dimaio 

A great guitar player.  Very fresh arrangements and tone for days.  A must listen!

Client Testimonial:

"Rob was a pleasure to work with.  He made my music sound great.  Not every mastering engineer knows how to deal with guitars.  Highly recommend him."


                                             -  The Empty Pockets

Mastering this album for both CD & Vinyl was a real treat.  The songs are so good and the musicianship is first rate.  Totally worth a listen!

Client Testimonial:

"As an Indie-Band, finding Rob at IAM was a godsend.  He gave our tracks that broadcast quality that compares to the majors quality we were looking for.  Thanks Rob!"

           Nick Layton -

A guitar player with a wonderful sense of melody.  The 

technical side is there too but it's never overused.  Great chops!

Client Testimonial:

"The final mixes were good but after Rob mastered them, it made my record sound like a major label release!  

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          ​I Would Love To Feature Your Next Project !

                                                          - Paul Tauterouff

Paul's chops are amazing.  A very talented guitarist,

producer and engineer.  This was a blast to master.

Client Testimonial:

"You made 11 different tracks recorded in 11 different studios sound like a cohesive collection of songs.

Thanks for everything."


I love intelligently composed pop rock.  This German band does it exceedingly well.  A must listen!

Client Testimonial:

"...we were nothing but pleased with the results.  Rob, nailed it.  We all said, "This is it, sounds like an album."

                                                                - Accelerated Age

Look for this band to make a huge splash on the rock scene.  Very fresh and creative with great hooks and musicality.   

Client Testimonial:

"Rob has an incredible talent for making a track sound polished and “in your face” while not only keeping, but enhancing the dynamics of the recording.  He took the sound we were going for with our mixes and took it to the next level.  In addition to being an amazing engineer, Rob is an amazing guy!  He is such a pleasure to work with!"