We provide professional audio mastering services yielding major label results on small indie budgets.

IAM mastering has been A/B'd against some of the biggest Nashville & NYC heavyweights in the biz with our masters being just as good if not a little more dynamic! 

Vinyl Audio Mastering

At Indie Audio Mastering, your music is brought to life!  Through the use of both inside and outside the box tools, each project is handled individually meeting the sonic needs of that project to put the music in it's best light.  No cheap preset mastering is done here.
With over 15 years experience in producing, engineering, mixing and mastering, IAM will provide you mix consultation and great results!

CD Audio Mastering

1 - 3 Songs = $60 Each

4 - 7 Songs = $50 Each

8 - 10 Songs = $45 Each

11 or more = $35 Each

Online Mixing & Mastering is available.

Quoted on a case by case basis.

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