Major Label Audio mastering That independents can afford

                                                                                       1-3 Songs = $60 Each
                                                                                       4-7 Songs = $50 Each
                                                                                     8-10 Songs = $45 Each
                                                                                      11 or more = $38 Each
                                                     Online Mixing & Mastering - Quoted on a case by case basis
                                   Delivering 100% High Quality Standards ... Client Specific Revisions Until Satisfied Are Free.
                               I Will Not Master Any Material That Contains Vulgar Language, Sexual Innuendo or Jesus Bashing.
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I don't do free samples... If the testimonials & mastered examples are not not enough to warrant my selection then that's ok.  I'm sure there are
plenty of other folks out there willing to accommodate window shopping at their expense but I'm not one of them.  For EP's or Albums I will
master one song at half price to give you an example and then credit that money towards the entire project.

  Over the last 10-15 years I have developed a proprietary process that achieves the same quality results as the major mastering 
 houses but without requiring deep pockets or the remortgaging of homes or the selling of kidneys.  As an independent artist myself,
 I chose to rebel against the staggering costs of high priced mastering and that's why I started INDIE AUDIO MASTERING.

                                                    Slow Burning Blues Rock Guitar:
                                                       Acoustic Rock Ballad Example:    
                                                             60's Inspired Pop Art Rock:
                                                                           Hear More Before & After Examples!

 I will treat your music as if it were my own.  I never over-book myself and each daily session is spent on only one client.  This allows  me  to really hear what your music needs to reach its full potential.  I don't employ the one size fits all mentality.  I listen
and tailor  adjustments for each track making sure they are sonically the best they can be individually as well as how they will go together collectively.  With over 20 years of recording engineering experience I can also bring a unique perspective to
your project as a mix consultant to help get your music ready for audio mastering. 


 My mastering suite is tuned and outfitted with high quality in and out of the box tools that include outboard pro converters and clocking, analog tube compression, proprietary harmonic balancing tools and Waves high end software as well as a three stage playback ref system [Critical > Commercial > Consumer] providing you with a great sounding master.  

 My best piece of gear though are my ears!   You can have all the gear in the world but without a good pair of ears and
knowledge of how to correctly apply selective compression, root bass note elimination, frequency analysis, 2nd & 3rd order
harmonic manipulation, stereo field treatment or finding those frequencies for an instrument within a final mix for enhancement
or attenuation...all you're really getting is someone that will take what you've done and simply make it louder without really understanding what they're doing.   Stay away from $15-$20 per song mastering...that's not mastering.  That's a preset.

My mastering has been A/B'd against some of the best Nashville and New York heavy weights in the biz and more
often than not selected as the better master or at a minimum just as good.
These are the $150 to $200 per song or $1,000
to $1,200 per album mastering houses that cater to major label artists and that's fine, but I pride myself in bringing this same level of quality to independent artists because I am one myself.

                I take a very comprehensive and consultative approach towards serving the music my fellow artists create. 
I will be in constant contact with you and most times I send clients two different versions to consider. Especially if I hear the
possibility in the music to be treated via two different approaches.   Let me show you what I can do.  You won't be sorry!


I'm Looking Forward To Being Of Service To You & Your Music!

                      Rob Perez, Mastering Engineer                           

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